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Soviet Reenacting Units
Page Last updated Nov. 23, 2005

1st Guards Airborne Division Based in California
8th Guards Mechanised Corps Based in the Mid-West & Central United States
8th Guards Mechanised Corps, 21st Mechanised Brigade, 1 Rifle Company Based in Missouri
13th Guards Rifle Division Based in Illinois
13th Guards Rifle Division, Za Oberonya Based in UK
16th Lithuanian Rifle Division Based in Arizona Email Link Only
36th Motorised Rifle Division Based in Michigan & Indiana
39th Guards Rifle Division, 117th Guards Rifle Regiment
49th Guards Rifle Division website under construction as of 11-23-05
52nd Guards Rifle Division Based in Virginia
53rd Rifle Division, 223rd Rifle Regiment Based in the South East United States
95th Rifle Division, 241st Rifle Regiment Based in North Central United States
112th Rifle Division, 416th Rifle Regiment Based in Iowa
150th Rifle Division, 756th Rifle Regiment Based in California
193rd Rifle Division Based in Pennsylvania
197th Guards Rifle Division Based in Florida
343rd Rifle Division Based in Missouri

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